Weird Fishes
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Magazines be like….”how to get that ‘no makeup’ look” and then list like ten makeup products to use to make it look like you’re not wearing makeup.

no. you’re overcomplicating this process. it goes as follows…

already wearing makeup but don’t want it to look that way? - scrub the shit out of your face thoroughly until there is literally no makeup, then…do nothing.

not wearing makeup and want it to stay that way? - do nothing. 

shocking difficulty, i know. come on. 

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me by Nathan C. Ward

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i need this

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The art of Henrietta Harris

Illustrator Henrietta Harris creates beautiful pictures using watercolour and gouache. Her skilfully hand-drawn hands, faces, brains, glaciers seem to float away from each other, reminding us of those moments when your body is present but your mind drifts to far away places. Although her work uses traditional techniques, her beautiful portraits retain a modern subject matter and style. Henrietta has developed the timeless style that can only be achieved by having occasionally dipped one’s paintbrush accidentally in one’s coffee, but also combines tradition with less hazardous digital methods, all of which has resulted in an extensive, mutable, and memorable body of work.

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Eyes wide. Lashes magnified ♥‿♥

Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara.

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i was teaching my grandma to use computer so we can talk on skype and such but today she went kinda mad at me because “i didnt show her the knitting programme” and i was like what

and it comes out she accidentally opened ms excel and found out its a great way to create knitting patterns


my grandma is 82


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